Breaking In Your New Well
December 6, 2023

The most common problem homeowners face with a newly drilled well is sediment in the water. To remove sediment, your well should be pumped for a minimum of 48 hours at a rate greater than the maximum pumping rate expected when the system is operating normally.

Throughout the pumping process, the pressure gauge on your cold water tank should read 20 psi or less. If the pump starts sucking air during this heavy pumping, simply reduce the flow.

Rusty casing

If your well has been exposed to iron oxide, otherwise known as rust, your water can become discoloured as quickly as one to two hours following exposure. Rust is typically only a problem for wells that have been over-cased. To avoid a build-up of iron oxide in your new well, it’s good practice to pump your well regularly – every hour or so should ensure your water stays clear.


Another problem with new wells is coliform bacteria. Coliform often enters the well in micro-particles of organics on or in the piping when your pump is installed. Although the coliform is harmless, your mortgage may require a zero count.