Well Testing

The Manderson Method

Downhole Video Cameras

During the drilling process, we operate three borehole video cameras, each serving a specific function. The first camera is used for on-site troubleshooting on our drill rig, the second is available for well inspections (video can be recorded on DVD at the owner’s request), and the third camera is designated for our specialized casing test.

To ensure optimal water quality, we offer Nitrate testing during the drilling process so you can rest assured that the water your family consumes meets Health Canada standards of a maximum acceptable concentration of 45 mg/L (equivalent to 10 mg/L nitrate-nitrogen).

Following the completion of your well, a well report will be sent to both the homeowner and the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action per government guidelines.

The Casing Test

Manderson Well Drilling has developed a one-of-a-kind method to test for leakage within your well’s piping. Air pressure is applied to push the water level to the bottom of the casing, while a downhole video camera is used to inspect the welds and seal at the bottom. Any leaks will quickly become visible while the well is under pressure.

Below is a short video showing our technique which is only practiced by Manderson Well Drilling.