Well Drilling

Since 1986

Residential Wells

Using a tried and true method unique to Manderson Well Drilling, all residential wells are drilled with a minimum of 40 feet of casing and are then sealed using a bentonite grout.

To ensure optimal water quality, we offer Nitrate testing during the drilling process so you can rest assured that the water your family consumes meets Health Canada standards of a maximum acceptable concentration of 45 mg/L (equivalent to 10 mg/L nitrate-nitrogen).

Following the completion of your well, a well report will be sent to both the homeowner and the Department of Environment, Energy and Climate Action per government guidelines.

Grouting the Casing

Having a properly grouted casing is key to maintaining healthy water quality within your well. If the casing is not grouted, it may become vulnerable to bacteria like E. coli and other contaminants.

Over the past three decades, Manderson Well Drilling has perfected a specialized method of grouting using borehole air packers that expand under air pressure inside the casing. This forces the grout up and around the outside of the well casing until it reaches the top of the ground, filling any cavities in the rock or till, resulting in a perfectly grouted casing seal.

Below is a short video showing our technique which guarantees a casing seal. This method of grouting is only practiced by Manderson Well Drilling.